michel pretterklieber,
born 1982 and currently based in St. Gallen, Switzerland.

selftaught, autodidactic, d.i.y., lucky, interested-in-stories-by-interesting-people-and-things.
started with film-cameras and then went to cell phones with cams to iPhone 4s, 5s and currently a 6s.
At the same time working with analogue SLRs - while currently almost exclusively working with a Canon DSLR which I've won because I have been voted 2nd place of vfg 20th "swiss young talent award"

my work has been shown from Derby, UK to Seoul, South Korea, Z├╝rich & Basel, Switzerland, Paris, Berlin, and currently Stuttgart, Germany,....

there WAS a book made and released D.I.Y.
the first edition is not available anymore.

currently SHOOTING my 2nd book-release.

I want to capture everything worth making a picture of.
or not.
shows, exhibitions and more.

press: articles, videoclips, reviews, etc.

contact for prints, projects: