Listen to a very out of context sample, recently recorded very cheap.



CURRENT STOP: Stuttgart, Galerie UNO Art Space

vernissage: February 4th 2017
exhibition: February 4th - March 31st 2017

@ Galerie UNO Art Space, Stuttgart, Germany
Tuesdays 5pm. - 7pm.

the 10 final works - including my 4 pieces called "ENDBACH"
(award with the second place by the international Jury brought together by the vfg for the 20th anniversary.)


after the huge success at the vfg's 20th, I decided to try to visit every
vernissage and show on the tour - if possible. Sadly, I couldn't be
present in Renens, Lausanne due to a difficult time and search for a new place
to sleep and taking showers for me and the Dog - and after I'd
found that: moving.
During those days I had to be ready for the thing to happen. So, I got
my bass guitar out of some pile, found old effect pedals, my friend gave me
a load more and this led to the scenario of me starting to learn how to play
(and still do, of course) - as well as how to get some sounds, which I'd listen
to myself, out of all these boxes and machines and buttons and STRINGS.

okay and it's another one of these ugly nights in one's life, you might've - hopefully
NOT - experienced this yourself, when moving your own hands will keep
you distracted in a great way and most of all: it really keeps one from going bad-"crazy"
I'm going to record some trash for me and you now on the a computer.

Until next time:
go and drink to your sanity - drink even more for those with their names on deportation
lists and to those sitting alone at
a trainstation waiting for sunlight and sleep.

thank you.


3rd Stop: Renens, Lausanne @ Galerie L'ELAC

vernissage & exhibition:
december 6th - 16th

2nd Stop: basel, OSLO8 @ BÜRO

october 21st

october 22nd - november 5th

@ klybeckstrasse 51, 4057 basel

20. Nachwuchsförderpreis-Awardshow & Vernissage:

september 29th

september 30th - october 9th

20th vfg-nwfp show of the top ten

@ Photobastei 2.0, sihlquai 125, 8005 Zürich


2nd book release: 2017
very limited edition; picture series & more writing.
further information coming very soon.